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Expedition into the unknown

When there was still no talk of e-mobility, the filling station network was still sparse, a Beetle had to change oil after 2,500 kilometers, rigid axles offered little comfort, no halogen lamps brightened the streets, transmissions whined for double-declutching and no traffic jams, it was still winter driving a special art that is preserved in the Planai-Classic.

The snow gets deeper, the view gets worse, the Dachstein-Straße gets steeper and it gets more and more slippery. Snow peaks make the street narrower and narrower, the stopwatch is running. The gusts of wind from the Dachstein almost sweep the old cars off the road, the windows freeze over.

If you are there, you will experience one of the last, true winter adventures with the sheet metal of earlier years.


06/01 - 08/01/2022
Kirchplatz 15, 8962 Gröbming