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3 brilliant hairstyle ideas for under a ski helmet - Girls Edition

"He who has a brain, protects it!" A saying that has thankfully largely prevailed on our slopes. Nowadays, ski helmets look really good and are a fashion item. In order to maintain the ‘style’, it is particularly important to have a hairstyle that looks and stays perfect, even after wearing a helmet. I'll show you some hairstyles that have been tried and tested in practice, meaning; the hairstyles don't change and still look good even in the ski hut after a day of skiing, and especially IMPORTANT (!!!), at the Après Ski ?.

Braids at the front

This hairstyle is easy to do. 

Simply divide the front part of the hair and start braiding. If you are not very good at braiding this way, I recommend to section into two strands, turn them around each other and fix them with a hairclip.

I find this hairstyle practical for girls with a fringe. 

„The Greta“ – two braids

This hairstyle has not only been in fashion since the ‘Friday for Future’ activist Greta Thunberg.

Make a centre parting in the middle of your head and braid both sides along the ears. For the ultimate style, I would choose hair bands that match the ski outfit.

This hairstyle is ideal for long hair.

Express: in a knot by your neck

If there is not a lot of time.
Tie your hair together, let it hang in your neck and then twist it together. Quickly done and practical!

Tip: All these hairstyles do not only fit under a ski helmet, also under a hat or, in the summer, under a bicycle helmet.

I cannot recommend these hairstyles!
A high bun and a ponytail can be very painful. Due to the hairband, the ski helmet won’t fit properly anymore.

Alexandra Schwarzenbacher

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