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5 reasons why snowboarding is more awesome than skiing

As a child, I like all other kids, learnt to ski in the kindergarten. I did not enjoy the ski course and in the race I came last. After this I started to admire snowboarders, who just looked way cooler than the boring skiers.

1. It is more demanding

Since I know how to both ski and snowboard, I know that learning how to ski is easier to learn than snowboarding. When I go out with a group of friends, I’ll take my skis to get from A to B a lot faster. When I take my snowboard, I will either be by myself or with other snowboarders on the slope, because snowboarding is so much more exhausting and challenging than skiing so I need more breaks. But that is the good thing about being on a board: it is physically more demanding than having two boards on your feet. Also, snowboarders burn more calories than skiers ;-).

2. The comfy shoes

Anyone who has ever worn snowboard boots will definitely not want to wear ski boots again. The much lighter shoes are certainly more comfortable than the heavy, hard boot for skiers. Plus, doing up your snowboard boots is also easier, it is almost like tying shoelaces, and done!

3. Less and lighter equipment

In general, the snowboard equipment is a lot lighter than that of skiers. The board is lighter than a set of skis and is also easier to take along – don’t forget about the ski poles which are unnecessary now.

4. It is easier to have a break

Skiers have a break on the lift. Mainly because if they want to have a break on the slopes, they are either standing around or have to take off their skis. As a snowboarder, these things are easier too, because we simply sit down on the slope and enjoy the view.

5. It looks cooler

Lastly, we come back to our original point why I would choose the snowboard over the skis any day: it simply just looks so much cooler!

Eva Pfisterer

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