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5 tipps against aching muscles

Who still knows the feeling: If it has snowed the previous day, then the next morning, you simply cannot stay at home, because you have to get into the powder! After such a day, I usually end up with sore and aching muscles. You have done some movements that are out of the norm and then there you have it – aching muscles. The body is exhausted and is trying to call out to you. When you train hard, microscopic injuries happen to your muscles and this is totally normal.

I only know aching muscles too well!

Therefore, I would like to give you some tips on how you can help prevent it and how you can heal your muscles quickly:

Warm up, warm up, warm up! Run in a circle so that your body can prepare itself and get the joints moving. A further hot tip from my point of view are compression socks. Even if these do not look the best, they help tremendously with preventing sore muscles. Compression socks put pressure on from the outside to the inside and this helps to reduce the microscopic injuries to your muscles.

Refuel afterwards. Fun fact: You can even do this with wheat beer. There is a study by TU Munich that proves that wheat beer has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect. The wheat beer should however be alcohol free, as alcohol makes aching muscles even worse. For those who do not like the taste of wheat beer, could maybe try a hot ginger tea or a ginger compress. This magical root contains Polyphenols like gingerol which works like an aspirin on the body.

Do you know the feeling, when you can only go down the stairs backwards? Then you know that it is really bad. But those who carry on struggling to move are on the right tracks. Sore muscles are like goulash: the more you warm it up, the better it is! Movement is good for the blood flow and the regeneration process. Then into the sauna or into the bath and nothing more can stand in the way of the healing process.

3. Warmth and creams

After you have taken a bath, then I recommend using some creams. Tip: I usually like to use an Edelweiss cream from the chemists or Tiger balm. Put it on generously, massage it in and enjoy the warmth! Furthermore, a peppermint oil can help against cramps and helps the muscles to relax.

4. Hot-Tip: Ice-Massage

Moreover, you could even try an ice massage. Ice should help to fight against the muscle inflammation and relieve the pain. When doing this, you take a piece of ice and rub it over the muscles. With this the muscle can stretch a little bit. Try doing this massage a few times a day for about 20 minutes. If after 48 hours it is still not better, then warmth should help instead of the cold. Either through a heated blanket or a hot water bottle, you can really help the really badly aching muscles yourself

When nothing else helps

5. Juices

This is a tip from my Grandfather. In a really good cherry juice, there are lots of antioxidants, which work like a pain reliever. You can use cherry juice to prevent sore muscles and also to heal sore muscles.

I try to heal my small ailments with home remedies rather than with tablets as much as I can. Should my tricks have worked for you, I would be very happy to hear your feedback on Facebook. Of course, you could also write to me and tell me what you do for your sore muscles.

Alexandra Schwarzenbacher

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