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A slightly different season

It was pretty clear to everyone, that this winter season start will be different to the the ones before. Just in time for Christmas, on December 24th, the ski areas started the winter season, and the time of the deeply snow-covered slopes and perfectly groomed slopes of Ski amadé begun. 

And who has already clicked on the homepage or via various social media networks ... 

... will have noticed that a lot of thought has been given here to ensure smooth operation. Buying tickets online is also very popular. It is highly recommended to buy your ski pass in advance via the Ski amadé online ticket shop. So you have your ticket in your pocket and can start the ski area with peace of mind. It also helps the liftcompanies to better plan and assess the volume. 

In the ski area, you can't ignore the safety regulations. The access areas are really well organized, with signage systems for queuing, information boards, loudspeaker announcements. If you don't know that the FFP2 mask belongs over your nose, you will be prevented from returning to the driveway. In the past, when queuing, you often had the problem that someone stepped on your own skis – that is definitely history this winter. 

All information about the process and the security measures in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic can be found wonderfully structured, visualized and explained in: Current information about Corona in winter 2020/21 in Ski amadé | (

Get ya stuff together!

At the start of the season, the lifts will open this year...

...but the huts will remain closed for the time being. That reminds me personally of earlier times when you were out on the local mountains with parents or friends and everyone had a packed lunch in their backpack. This new normal, which has found its way into our lives for a year, reminds us more and more of times gone by. So also with the culinary supply during the ski day.

So out with the rucksack, the snack box and thermos flask and in with the favorite ingredients of the well-deserved mountain snack, because the most important thing at the summit, apart from the view, is the food. You can finally get creative again and at the beginning of the day think about what to pack up so delicious. After all, mountain air makes you hungry. 

In winter, something warming finds its way into my pot

Can be a delicious tea, or just a hot fruit juice. In the snack box you need something powerful when you are really hungry, but also something sweet to bring the sugar balance back into order. A decent black bread with your favorite cheese and butter, fruit and preferably a hard-boiled egg. The sweet temptation then usually consists of a muesli or chocolate bar. After such delicacies, you can usually have a good time on the slopes.

Ski amadé also provides comfortable seating so that you don't get a wet bum after your well-deserved snack. And if you can’t find a free space, or would rather sit a little apart in the middle of nature, a foldable seat mat is recommended. Fits wonderfully in every backpack and protects the most defensive person from moisture and cold.

With this in mind... STAY SAFE... and dry!

Enjoying the sun during sunshine skiing in Ski amadé

Jounes Weidacher

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