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Après-ski guide: How to make the fun after skiing a success

After skiing is before après-ski. For many winter sports enthusiasts, the swing of the dancing leg is just as important as the swing on the piste. To have a successful day on the mountain and in the hut, you should pay attention to a few points.

Ready for après-ski step by step

1. Get out of bed and onto the piste
If you want to have a successful day before the party, you should get up early. You will be rewarded with fantastic piste conditions, fresh slopes and the first rays of sunshine.

2. Create a good base
After letting off steam on the slopes and in the terrain, a good snack is also a must. As soon as your stomach starts to rumble, it's off to the hut: plenty of food provides a good basis, which will certainly be an advantage later on. Whether it's Kaiserschmarren, grilled sausages or cheese spaetzle - the motto is to fortify yourself properly! It's up to you whether you head out onto the piste after feasting or take it easy in the afternoon.

3. The outfit has to fit
Whether you're wearing ski underwear and ski trousers or you're all dressed up - anythings possible at après-ski. As long as you feel comfortable, it's cosy and you can dance for hours, any outfit is fine. Just be aware that it can be freezing outside when you leave the venue and the contrast to the heat inside can be quite stark. Grab your friends and let's go!

4. Memorise the route and piste times
Before you really get down to business at the hut, everyone should have memorised the route from the hut to the accommodation, the gondola or the valley descent. The most important thing here is to adhere exactly to the piste closure times in order to avoid injuries and worse. If it gets longer and the chosen piste can be negotiated without danger, a headlamp usually comes in handy. However, it is best to celebrate at your chosen bar in the valley to minimise the risk of injury.

5. Text confidence at the bar
There are few rules to follow when après-skiing. One of them, however, is to sing along to the infamous après-ski hits at the top of your lungs and, if possible, with the correct lyrics. The following songs should be familiar to you before après-ski and should already get your dancing feet tingling:

- Schifoan by Wolfgang Ambros
- Anton aus Tirol by DJ Ötzi
- Der Zug hat keine Bremse by Lorenz Büffel, Malle Anja & Mia Julia
- Auffe Aufn Berg by Jägermeister DJ Alex & Matty Valentino
- Hurra die Gams by Matty Valentino
- Der DJ aus den Bergen by DJ Ötzi

6. Have fun!
Now it's all about singing, dancing and drinking at and on the bar. Between the cups of tea with rum, glasses of spritzer and kegs of beer, you should also have a glass of water. Step on the gas and take good care of yourselves and your friends!

Bernadette Danklmayer

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