Esther Ebner

Are you graving for some summer vibes already, too? 

Have you ever had that in the beautiful Ski amadé ,ountains? Feeling the summer under your feet, lying in the green grass, the clear wind around your forehead and the blue sky as a view. With the Ski amadé summer lifts you beam yourself straight into the most beautiful of all worlds – our breathtaking nature!

Why would you want this

No long exhausting walks, you can start your hike up on the mountain. 

Why would you want this 

  • Because it feels fantastic when the noise and external stimuli disappear. 
  • Because you forget everyday life and get involved in the moment. 
  • Because the grounding is correct and you are grounded by a lot of head-high flights. When the mind rests, satisfaction returns. Take a deep breath. Peace and quiet. 
  • Infinite space, nothing limits you. 
  • The body is moved, the mind is calmed. 

Do you already hear the inner call for this freedom and silence? Don't you sometimes have too much inner tension that you can't get rid of for days? What if you got rid of it all in one day? Tempting and attainable. Without much effort. No sweating. No psychotherapy room. No gym. Just get in the gondola and the exercise is basicly done :D That’s how easy wellness can be done.

I love to go up there and I can promise you, after a day on the mountain you will feel like after a freshness cure, after a spa weekend or a swim in the cool, clear water. It is sooo refreshing and invigorates you, it makes your body pleasantly tired and all the tension is relieved, even if you didn’t know you had one. Inspirational and orderly thoughts return to your clear mind. You know again what the next important step is. You know again what is really important to you. You know again what your longing is. The simple being in nature with no ifs or buts. 

Take my advice and try the “back to the roots”-thing, so to speak. Back in my home area, where people and nature connect with each other. And if the grass, hiking, sun and space are not enough on the countless hiking trails of Ski amadé, then look for a forest. Breathe in the fresh and clean air and go for a swim in the forest. Oooh yes, this IS a thing – Forest bathing shows groundbreaking results in health research in many scientific studies. 

The word comes from the Japanese “Shinrin Yoku” and means something like “immerse yourself in the forest atmosphere”. Forest bathing is said to have the following effects: It has a positive effect on your psyche – it strengthens your immune system – it has a positive impact on your sleep – It is said to improve blood pressure and sugar levels – and even produce anti-cancer proteins All in all, there are a lot of reasons why you can only do good for yourself with the Ski amadé summer lifts without having to go to great lengths. So, see you soon with forest bathing or grass on the mountain!

Enjoy ?

Esther Ebner

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