Cash4Tricks 2020

Cash4Tricks - the name says it all. The Cash4Tricks Tour always leads through the snow parks in Ski amadé from January to April. In the past years this format has developed into a great success and now there is even a collecting pass for hardworking participants. With the collecting pass they can take part in four events and afterwards win cool prizes in the big raffle at the end of the season, such as a shopping voucher for Blue Tomato or a Ski amadé season pass for the next season. I'll tell you now what a stop on the Cash4Tricks tour looks like...;)

Rails, plastic tubes, kickers, etc. - all of these can be found in the Ski amadé snow parks, which are the venues for the Cash4Tricks tour. The principle is very simple: every trick and jump is judged by the experienced judges and with a "thumbs up" you get € 5 imediately. Cash on the nail, so to speak. Well, almost... because you actually get € 5 vouchers that can then be exchanged for cash at a specific lift ticket office. Many “riders” – this is what the skiers and snowboarders who romp in snow parks are called – pimp their pocket money with these events.

Good to know: really everyone can join the events, big or small, everyone is welcome and without any prior registration! And – it doesn't matter whether you and your wife have just started your new hobby and want to try it out, or whether you are already an advanced shredder. But that is exactly one of the great benefits of this tour: it is with each other and not against each other. The riders like to help each other, they can learn a lot from each other and especially the little ones can always learn something from the more experienced riders. The judges and shapers also give great tips and try to support the riders as much as possible so that they can do their best tricks and jumps in the snow.

There are no losers at the Cash4Tricks tour... either you gain experience, or you get great pocket money.

While we are on the subject of the hardest-working female riders – unfortunately not many girls have yet dared to go on an event of the Ski amadé Cash4Tricks tour. I only met one female rider at the last tour stop. But why is it like that? Courage ladies! Nobody has to be afraid of failing a trick or doing something wrong, you can only learn and improve yourself, so trust us, we look forward to seeing you! And if something should not work out – girls you know: get up, fix your crown and off to the next kicker! ;)

Earn some cash with your freestyle tricks at the Cash4Tricks Tour in Ski amadé
Earn some cash with your freestyle tricks at the Cash4Tricks Tour in Ski amadé

The community is absolutely nice and relaxed – you help each other, you are there for each other and you definitely have a lot of fun. The Ski amadé snow parks have always been a real talent pool – freestyle stars like Anna Gasser and co. train regularly in the snow parks in Ski amadé and some of them started their career there. So maybe YOU will become the next freestyle superstar? ;) The shapers of the snow parks are also really cool, understand the scene 100% and perfectly prepare the kickers.

If you want to be there yourself, friends or siblings – you can find all dates for the tour stops here.

You go girls!! Wohooo!

Carina Stelzer

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