Autumn landscape with discoloured trees and the almond wall in the picture. | © Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH
Autumn landscape with discoloured trees and the almond wall in the picture. | © Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH
Anna Pilz

Der Wanderherbst in Ski amadé

„In die Berg bin i gern“ – which means “I like going to the mountains” – is the first line of a well-known Austrian folk song - link. The hiking autumn in Ski amadé attracts nature lovers with its breathtaking beauty.

At this time of the year the mountains transform into a colourful spectacle. The fresh mountain air and colourful nature invite you to put on your hiking boots and explore the picturesque landscape. Thanks to the 26 summer cable cars in operation in Ski amadé, the mountains are even more accessible. Adventures for the whole family are waiting to be discovered. The autumn hiking season in Ski amadé offers unforgettable experiences amidst an enchanting scenery.

Four hikers are walking to the summit of the Großarler Gründegg and are photographed from above by a drone. | © Gipfelfieber

The mountains have always had a special attraction for people, which is why they have been a popular leisure destination since the 19th century. Whether uphill or downhill, on foot, by bike, skiing or snowboarding, almost everyone can find the right activity for themselves and can therefore enjoy Salzburg's incomparable natural landscape.

Autumn is undoubtedly a special season to experience these mountains and nature in all its glory. When the leaves change colours and the air is getting cool and clear, we are invited to put on our hiking boots and explore the beauty of our land.

It becomes a special highlight with the 26 summer cable cars from Ski amadé, which allow you and the whole family to enjoy extraordinary experiences with little effort.

Whether with children on the Geisterberg in the Salzburger Sportwelt or for the really sporty ones in Großarl with the cable car and bike up and back to the valley via the single trail. Families can test their nobility skills at the castle playground at Prinzenberg Natrun in the Hochkönig region and the very brave can let off steam in the forest ropes course. You will find a special highlight at the Stubnerkogel in Gastein. There you can cross a 140-meter-long suspension bridge to reach the viewing platform opposite, from which you can take in a magnificent view of Austria's highest mountain, the Großglockner. At Hauser Kaibling in the Schladming-Dachstein region, young and old can also experience action in the Wollis Kids Park and run on the water while doing Water Zorbing.

Lake Prinzensee at Natrun is photographed from above with a drone. In the background you can see the Hochkönig massif. | © Hochkönig


In order to enjoy all of this to the fullest, you should keep a few things in mind.

Cation: Slippery
While it is still summery during the day, it cools down quite a bit at night in autumn. If the temperature drops below the dew point, which is particularly the case in the early morning hours, the air can no longer hold water vapor. This is how dew forms and covers the landscape. You should therefore be aware that the ground can be more slippery in autumn and take appropriate care. Leaves, which are known to fall from the trees at this time of the year, also increase the risk of slipping. In principle, when hiking in the mountains, you should wear shoes that go over your ankles to avoid twisting your ankle on slippery and uneven terrain. It is perfect if they also have non-slip soles.

Onion look
Even though we are currently enjoying a particularly warm late summer and are enjoying free activities in the sun, in autumn you should be prepared for anything and adapt your equipment to possible, sometimes severe, temperature fluctuations. It is advisable to use the tried and tested onion look (several thin layers of clothing on top of each other) in order to be able to react quickly to changes. You should also pay particular attention to protecting your skin, which was discussed in more detail in a previous blog post. Because even when it seems cool, the solar radiation remains unchanged.

In addition to the special natural spectacle, the fascinating splendor of colors and the impressive lighting conditions, autumn also has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. The harvest and the hunting season reach its peak. Bauernherbst is celebrated in Salzburg and you can try the country's delicacies at various events. The huts in Ski amadé also celebrate this season and offer regional specialties. In addition to the opening times for the cable cars, you should also pay attention to those of the many alpine huts in the region. Many huts have rest days during the week and not all have the same closing day. In order to prepare for this and to be able to provide food yourself, if necessary, you should find out the opening times when planning your route. You can also get this information at the local tourist information.

If you pay attention to a few things, hiking in fall is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of nature while being physically active. The mountains of Salzburg and Styria can be explored in a unique atmosphere and the many activities in Ski amadé make it particularly exciting. Old or young, whether sporty or leisurely, whether fit on foot or a little restricted, we have something to offer for everyone. So, pack your backpack, put on your hiking boots and enjoy autumn to the fullest.

Anna Pilz

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