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Ein Aufriss in Ski amadé – die 15 schlechtesten Anmachsprüche

On the ski lift, in the ski hut and especially by Après ski…When skiing in Ski amadé it is not difficult to meet people and unfortunately every now and then, there is an awkward attempt at flirting. Some attempts, I am sure, will end successfully, whilst others will simply fall flat and be very embarrassing. So, whilst partaking in some Après ski, I listened out a bit for you and have out together a list of the 15 worst pick-up lines that I heard. Be prepared for the most awkward and cringeworthy pick-up lines…;)

The 15 worst pick-up lines

Congratulations! You have won the title of “The most beautiful girl in this room” and the prize for this is that you get to spend a night with me.
As if I would want that?!
Are your parents perhaps architects? You are so well put together!
This we know in all kinds of varieties…
I am from the break down service and would like to tow you away tonight.
Ah, the break down service is also on its way again?!
I think my surname fits perfectly to your first name!
You do not even know my first name yet?! 
Sorry, have you got a pen? I would like to write down your number. 
Yes sure… the same old number story ;) 

I am a removal man, should I help you move? 
Oh yes please, I don’t know how to do that myself.
I have bought myself a new alarm clock. Would you like to test it out tomorrow morning? 
Err, no thanks?! 
Are you called Google? You are everything that I have always looked for!
Well then, maybe you should carry on looking! 
What are you doing here?  You should have been in my bed a long time ago. 
Oh yeah, I completely forgot… 
I am flying towards you! Can I land on you? 
Have you seen a runway anywhere??!!

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If you had been on the Titanic, it would not have sunk. You would have melted the iceberg with your beautiful eyes. 
I love your left leg like Christmas and your right leg like Easter. Can I come and visit you in between the holidays? 
Sorry but it is closed between the holidays… 
I always thought that angels had wings! 
They do! ;)
I am from another planet; do you want to see my spaceship? 
A UFO? Sure. What would I rather be doing? 
Have you been lying in the sun or why are YOU so hot? 
Oh no, I am always like this

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