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Exposed – what to wear underneath your skipants and -jacket?

Like an onion, peel after peel are lined up underneath the ski clothing. Nobody wants to freeze or have it too hot on the mountain. It is therefore important that you do your individual adjustment for your personal well-being. There are now countless suppliers who provide ski underwear in their range. Of course, polyester and similar fabrics are classic as the bottom layer of clothing. I'm more on the natural side, so I also recommend materials that are natural and protect our environment during production.

The underwear

We will now go through the clothes, layer by layer, and start completely naked as God created us. You can choose any underpants or underwear – men prefer tight boxer shorts or underpants made of absorbent cotton. The ladies like to wear a sports bra underneath. This is where I'll start right away: there is already underwear that helps regulate sweat better during exercise. When buying, pay attention to the designation "breathable". The natural material Merino, which I will describe in more detail in the next layer, can also be mentioned as a valuable skin flatterer for the underpants.


The first layer – the first onion peel after the underwear is crucial, as it lies directly on the skin and regulates heat and cold. For those who are more sensitive to the cold, I definitely recommend Merino wool. I also recommend merino wool for those who sweat easily.
WHY? Because it warms when it's cold. Because it cools in the heat. Because it doesn't smell (body sweat), even after wearing it several times.

Many people are already familiar with Merino. This material is natural and comes from the merino sheep. The reason why it is not very popular with everyone is the frequent scratching of the skin. Only when the wool has warmed up on the skin, the material stops scratching. But some people don't have a scratchy feeling with Merino at all, it's very individual.

BUT THERE ARE GOOD NEWS (and now the latest sensations are coming): Merino is available combined with an alga from the sea (algae fiber) and also as a silk mixture. And these mixed materials wear incredibly well: no more scratching! And these are all natural materials. (I am very happy about it, as you can see when reading these lines.) Most companies have merino in their product range. I would like to mention some brands where you find it: Palgero (Merino and Alge), Icebreaker, Ortovox, Bergans, Woolpower, Smartwool, Devold, Dilling... The most important thing about all merino products: When buying, make sure that they are made mulesing-free. This process is deeply animal hostile, but I prefer to spare you the details.


Now we come to the second layer – the second onion peel – of our "laundry underneath" series. This is usually a functional jacket that is breathable to provide the best possible support for the first layer. This layer also serves as an insulation layer, which is supposed to protect against the cold, and is adapted depending on the weather. This layer can also be varied as a gilet. The fleece jacket is best known for this. Here, too, there are now jackets made of merino wool, in addition to synthetic products. The artificial down – Primaloft® – is also popular because it is ultra-light and warm.

With these two layers, or onion peels, you are well equipped underneath your ski clothing and nothing stands in the way of a good body feeling on the mountain.

In this sense: “Take your clothes off” and feel good!

Esther Ebner

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