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Fit for the new ski season with outdoor dry training

Every year I'm surprised by what emotions the first snow can trigger. On the one hand, I enjoy the silence and cosiness, on the other hand I have to get a grip on my impatience in order not to jump outside and get my skis on immediately. Your skiing holiday may start soon, but honestly, are you really fit enough to tackle the slopes?

In order to prepare for the season, it's high time to start dry training. The aim is to get endurance and strength reserves out of their summer break and at the same time, to reduce the risk of injury by training and preparing for the season. What better place for such training sessions than the beautiful forests and mountains of Ski amadé?

Tips for endurance training

The late autumn has given us particularly beautiful days this year. I can recommend a hike or a bike-and-hike combination on the Lackenkogel, the mountain of Flachau and Altenmarkt. With the right equipment and good snow conditions, the mountains of Ski amadé can be used for a longer period during the year as an optimal training ground for endurance training. Your thighs will be grateful during every single sporting activity you undertake during the ski season.

If you add a few small variations, such as short running sessions over tree trunks and stones when going up or down, it becomes an excellent training for your coordination and speed. Climbing also increases your coordination skills.

Tips for strength training

Strength training can also be done outdoors and can be ideally integrated into an endurance training. Particularly important for skiing and snowboarding is the development of stable core and leg muscles. The ‘standing scale’ or the ‘Herminating’ downhill squat are great dry training exercises. Jumps of any kind (all sorts are allowed, jump distance, jump height, additional weights, single/double jumps according to mood and desire) are a great training opportunity to improve your speed. By combining these exercises with a small challenge and doing it with a training partner, it will motivate you and make it even more fun. All these little exercises can be done anywhere and can also be integrated into everyday life.

If you do a few endurance and strength training sessions before the season, you will be able to change your direction quicker, have a playful descent in the terrain and experience an increased fun factor. It is, of course, especially important that you are healthy and injury-free throughout the season and that you can ski for hours on end on the slopes without any fitness issues.

Lisa Schiefer

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