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Get the perfect bottom!

We are now already mid-season and have mastered one or two mountains, have recovered from the first, second or third lot of sore muscles and when it comes to motivation we are on the same page (podium!!) as Lindsay Vonn…..

The pretty American is proof that skiing gives you a pert bottom. We, too, want to have this pert bottom! And for those who take care of this in winter, then has a distinct advantage on the beach in the summer.

As it happens, when it comes to skiing, it not only comes down to your fitness level, but it also depends on the proportion of healthy strong muscles that you have. Above all, the buttocks and the thighs are the most important muscles when it comes to stability on the skis and reducing the risk of accident and injury when skiing.

Nothing comes from nothing! Therefore, here are the best exercises to make you feel fitter on skis. 

Lunges (forward lunge)
Stand straight. Alternating, take a large step to the front with the left leg and then with the right leg and bend the knees as far as possible. The strength to stand back up again comes from the buttocks and the thighs!

Squats (bending the knees)
Cross your arms across your chest. Bend your knees and go into the squatting position and make sure that you get your bottom as low as possible to the ground. Stand up again and repeat. With this, it is important that your knees stay behind your toes, when you are looking down at them from above.

Hip-Leg-Lift easy
Lie on your back and put your legs up with your feet flat on the floor. Slowly lift your bottom, tense it and hold for 60 seconds. Go back down, have a short break and repeat.

Hip-Leg-Lift advanced
Lie on your back and put your legs up with your feet flat on the floor. Lift your bottom up slowly, tense it and hold for 60 seconds. In addition, stretch out your left leg and then your right leg up into the air, making the exercise more difficult, by putting more weight onto the one leg.


Go into the squatting position and stay there until your thighs start to burn. Stand up, shake out your legs and repeat.

Balancing squat
Stand on a balance board or on a balance cushion and make the exercise more intensive.
Marcel, Anna, Felix &Co. could sing a song about how important it is to strength train your legs. The theory is a little bit dry, so here are a few Youtube links to show you how these exercises should really look! 

Leg training & ski workout - Training at home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFQOVvvPXak

Ski workout - Fit in the winter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_kA8L5HSIc

Have fun! See you on the podium! 

Judith Schmuck

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