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Get your skis ready for winter or why pre-season is the best time for skiing

Some of you still have their hiking boots in front of the door and not even think about snowboarding and skiing. Then hurry up, because it’s almost time to start the season – the first skilifts open already at the end of November! And who has been on skiing holiday in pre-season knows that it is the best time for skiing. You wonder why?

Empty slopes

Often you are not lucky enough to be able to go on holiday at any time and most are on the slopes during the main holidays. That's why you are almost alone on the slopes in pre-season. Although the many skiers spread well during main-season, there is so much more place before Christmas. You can make perfect carving turns and take advantage of the whole width of the freshly prepared slopes.

Fabulous contrasts

While the valley still looks like autumn, the skilift will bring you to a true winter wonderland. The view of the valley seams almost surreal. If you stand in the valley and look up the mountains, you will see the white peaks after the first snowfalls. What unbelievable distance you find on top of the mountains is fascinating. You have to get up the mountain yourself, otherwise you cannot imagine this feeling.

Special deals

Who decides to make his or her ski holiday in pre-season will be rewarded with a great offer in Ski amadé. The 4=3 package, which means you can ski or snowboard for 4 days but you only pay for 3 days. This offer is valid not only for the lift ticket but also for your accommodation. Ideal for a short trip to the mountains.

Endless motivation

The thighs are fit as never before and the ski boots still smell quite tolerable. Many people do not even think about winter, but you are literally bursting with energy and cannot wait to race down the slopes for the first time. Maybe you have even kept some of your summer tan and look fabulous as you make one turn after the other. It just feels wonderful and natural to your body.

Use the time fully

If you still have energy left after the mountain, you can still do sports activities that would not be possible during winter. Go for a biking tour, maybe even a little hike, or if you are on the way from December 1st treat yourself to a cup of mulled wine at one of the many Christmas markets. A visit to the Christmas market is highly recommended, because there you will get a lot of local products as well as a good portion of pre-Christmas-mood. Then you can be sure to be deeply relaxed after your skiing holiday.

I'm really looking forward to the start of the season and hope you do the same. Here you can stay up-to-date about the season starts of the individual ski resorts in Ski amadé.

Hier könnt ihr euch laufend über die Saisonstarts der einzelnen Skigebiete Ski amadé informieren.

After reading these motivating tips, nothing should stand in the way of your skiing experience. Have fun :)

Kerstin Eisenberger

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