Beate Erlmoser

Goldegg – Small, but excellent!

1,2,3 is all you need, really! There are two drag lifts in Goldegg (Buchberg 1 and Buchberg 2), whereby one of these is the connecting lift to the other lift! Unfortunately, Buchberg 3, the third drag lift has probably been closed down permanently, due to excessive sun throughout the season (because of the intense solar radiation, the slope never has the chance of keeping snow on it for a whole season)!

Nevertheless, the other two lifts are more than sufficient and besides there is a third lift, a practice lift! The slope of the practice lift is really nicely set out. A small route with bumps, with an archway at the end, where the little ones can ring a bell, which does require a bit of skiing ability. There are also some figures, which can be circled around! So, all in all, this practice lift is really quite nice.

There is also no need for the older siblings to stay at home. The two drag lifts are not that close to the practice lift, but is very easy to get to on skis. There is also a slope which goes from the drag lifts to the practice lift, so as we so nicely say in our local dialect: “you can’t go wrong!“ 

It is often implied that some parents don’t have a lot of patience or easily lose their nerve. Well, meanwhile from experience, such reactions are very understandable! As the saying goes, “sometimes the prophet from a foreign country has more of an effect.“ For those parents I would recommend a ski instructor.

And now wait for it....Goldegg ski resort has got its own ski school! This is located directly at the bottom of the practice lift, it is not big, but it exists! When your offspring is finally underway with a nice ski instructor, you then have the possibility to lie in a sun lounger on the terrace of the adjoining restaurant and enjoy a nice cold beer!

And if you would just like to go for a little walk, there are also numerous options here!

An additional winter sports option for parents, who want to let their children ski alone, but where they can still keep an eye on them or where Granny, Granddad or even a ski instructor can watch them, then there is the cross country skiing track right next door! As Goldegg is probably one of the sunniest places in Pongau, this version of “tanking up on vitamin B“ comes highly recommended.

With this in mind, off you go to this small, but excellent ski paradise on the sunny side of Salzburg!

Beate Erlmoser

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