Anna Pilz

Good preparation is half the battle

No matter what everyone says, one is never really prepared for life with children and for the many changes that it entails. With all the great experiences and heartwarming moments, it is always difficult to make spontaneous decisions and every day can turn out completely different than you imagined.

Here are a few tips so that the mood doesn't change too quickly on a family ski day ;)


Hungry children usually need something between their teeth on the spot, otherwise you are quickly confronted with a bad mood. So pack enough edible snacks – preferably different flavors, because what was best the day before is not always good today. Keep in mind that the snacks have to be edible even with gloves, because the temperatures can drop well below zero, especially at the beginning of the year. Fruit or muesli bars are particularly good for satisfying the first hunger, they are also perfect during a ride on the chairlift. We always have a pack of fruit gums with us. Not just for improving the mood, they're good for something else too...


Prevent earache

Skiing is particularly beautiful at high altitudes. In order to be able to experience this pleasure, sometimes 1,000 meters of altitude are covered in a gondola. When skiing down into the valley, the pressure difference makes your ears bang, just like when landing in an airplane. Smaller children still find it difficult to equalize pressure through their noses. Chewing movements help best and that works better with the kids if there is really something in their mouth, for example the fruit gums already mentioned before.

Be prepared for any weather

Many know it all too well, getting ready in the morning with certain expectations of the weather and dressing accordingly. However, as the day progresses, the weather takes a turn for which you are not really prepared. We adults can usually deal with such situations well, but it is quite different with the kids. Cold fingers, sweating from the heat or sun in the eyes can quickly lead to tears and thus quickly turn the beautiful family day into an ordeal. So with small children it is always advisable to be prepared for possible eventualities. When it's cold, heat pads can quickly provide a remedy: A crease and the packets become wonderfully warm. There are even reusable heat pads, which of course are more sustainable than disposable heat pads. When it comes to clothing, I recommend the classic onion look. Then, when it gets too hot, you can stuff layer by layer into your backpack (which I used to have with me every day of skiing even before having kids). And pack their sunglasses for the break at the hut, then nothing stands in the way of playing in the snow.

Know the ski resort

Always take a close look at the conditions of the ski area to which you are taking your children beforehand. Excessively difficult terrain can quickly lead to frustration for the little ones and so the long-planned trip quickly turns into a fiasco. Yes, with children you have to take it easy when it comes to skiing. But in general the same applies here as in all other situations – "If the little ones are fine, the big ones are fine too". In addition to ski equipment, we always have a sledge, bobsleigh or other snow toys with us just in case. So the little ones can be entertained if they don't want to ski anymore, and the other members of the family can finish the day's skiing in peace.


Prepared for the possible challenges (weather, hunger, motivation, etc.) and equipped with patience and forbearance, you prevent an abrupt end to the ski day and, above all, you lay the foundation for many other great family ski days.

Anna Pilz

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