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Hiking – 36 degrees and it's getting even hotter, or is Mother Holle already knocking?

It is always important to know what the weather was like in the days before the planned mountain tour, what it is like on the day of the tour and how it can develop. It also depends on whether you are going in midsummer, or in September or even October.

Spring and autumn

In spring and autumn, there is a very high probability that it will be damp with dew in the morning. Because if the ground or rock is very wet in the morning, for example, it is advisable to start when the sun has already risen and the path has dried.


In midsummer, however, when the temperatures are very hot, it is important to start very early. Then on the one hand you are not exposed to the midday heat and on the other hand the risk of thunderstorms increases in the afternoons in very hot weeks. If the week before the tour it was so cold that it snowed up to 1,800 meters, it may be that there is still snow at high altitudes. Then you should rather postpone the tour, because it is easy to slip on snowfields and the risk of falling increases.

My advice

Check the weather several times before and during the tour and always keep an eye on the sky. A good mountain lover is characterized by having the strength to stop your tour, when you realize that the weather is changing or that time is running out.

On the Ski amadé website you will always find the latest live information and forecasts about the weather. A quick check in between helps you to always correctly assess the weather. To be on the safe side, I always have a rain jacket with me – if the weather does surprise me, I stay dry and my body doesn't cool down so quickly.

Magdalena Putz

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