Enjoy the best service when skiing in Ski amadé
Enjoy the best service when skiing in Ski amadé

How to pack lightly for your winter adventures

Looking to get away and enjoy some high-adrenaline winter sports this season? If that’s the case, check out Ski amadé! This Austrian region is the second largest ski area in Europe, and it’s made up of 5 ski areas with 25 towns! If you’re wondering about the name, it’s after one of Austria’s most famous sons – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

With cheap flights from across Europe to Ski amadé’s nearest airport – Salzburg, it’s important to know what you can and can’t pack so you don’t have to splash out extra on more luggage. In this post, we’ll take a closer a look at what to pack for skiing in Ski amadé. Hopefully, it’ll make it easy to plan your trip and make the most of the things to do in Austria!

Text by Eldrid Yarte

Waterproof and breathable jacket

The first option doesn’t need to take up any space in your suitcase – you can wear it on the way to Ski amadé! On the slopes, a breathable, waterproof jacket is essential – it’ll keep you dry, comfortable, and warm no matter how many times you end up horizontal!

It’s also important to have waterproof salopettes, although it may not be as practical to wear them during travel to the site!

Ski Socks

People often underestimate the importance of a good pair of socks, but you can’t afford to do that when you’re skiing. More importantly, you have to go for a pair of ski socks! Not only will they keep your feet warm, but they’ll also be comfortable in tight ski boots.

And they can do a lot too. Get yourself a good pair, and they might come with fancy features like compression zones for tired muscles, or padded protection for your vulnerable shins.

Obviously, you won’t want to wear the same pair for days on end so it’s a good idea to have some backup pairs. They can be expensive though!  

Sunglasses / Goggles

Although you can rent ski equipment, it’s less likely that you’ll get a hold of goggles. It’s better to bring these with you! Goggles will protect your eyes in white out conditions and in times when visibility is massively reduced.

Bring a pair of sunglasses too – when the weather’s clear and sunny, the wind can still be pretty strong and you’ll want to protect your eyes as much as you can!  

Lots of layers

It goes without saying that skiing can be pretty cold.

After all, you are scaling mountains to more than 4,000 metres above sea level in some cases and you’re surrounded by snow! Even though you’re doing an intensive exercise, it’s better to have plenty of layers to keep you warm. Under your breathable, waterproof jacket it’s a good idea to have base layers made of merino wool or a manmade fabric. Again, you won’t want to wear the same ones for days on end so bring between two to four base layers – depending on the length of your stay. 

Gloves / mittens and glove liners

You’ll have a hard time holding your ski poles if your hands are so cold you can’t grasp the ends of them! Gloves and/or mittens are a skiing essential. When it’s so cold that a regular pair of gloves still have your hands shivering, get a pair of glove liners under them.

They’ll fit under your existing gloves and offer you an extra layer of warmth! 

Ski Equipment

Now, this one isn’t a must. If you’re a beginner or intermediate skier, it’s usually better to hire the equipment once you arrive at your resort. That includes your skis / snowboard, poles, and boots.

For more experienced skiers, you might want to bring your own stuff, especially if you have stunt skis or a custom-made pair of boots!

Sun Cream

When you go somewhere cold on holiday, sometimes you might not think about packing sun cream in your case. However, experienced skiers will know that this is an absolute essential!

Not only are you closer to the sun, but the rays reflect off the snow which can result in some nasty burns. Be sure to bring some high factor sun cream and continue to reapply it during a sunny day on the slopes! Also pack aftersun… Just in case! 

Travel insurance and documents

It’s something that no-one likes to think about when skiing, but accidents can happen. So, it’s essential to take out travel insurance before your trip and bring any documentation with you. Even if that just means a screenshot on your mobile. Hopefully, you won’t need to use it but it’s better to be safe than sorry! It goes without saying that you should bring your passport too!

Small Backpack

While you’re on the mountain, you’ll need somewhere to carry the stuff on the list above. A small backpack is the perfect option, rather than putting them in your coat pockets – even if they’re zipped. Sun cream, extra layers, and any personal medication should go in your small backpack.

As should money for visiting cafes and restaurants on the slopes, your mobile phone, and a camera. After all, there’ll be opportunities to take some amazing pictures at Ski amadé! 

Deep Heat

You may not have considered this when packing, but it’s more important than you think. Even if you do regular exercise, skiing makes use of muscles that you may not have used for years. So, it’s good to have a cream like deep heat which will take care of those aching limbs back at your accommodation! It’ll help you recover quicker and have you prepared for the next day of skiing! 

So, now you know what to pack for your winter adventure at Ski amadé…

It’s time to get ready for your trip. To find out more about the Ski amadé region, check out the website here. It’s got everything you should need to know about the 760km and 270 lifts that make up the area! It can also help you find accommodation and activities for the summer if a winter holiday is too short notice! 

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