• Experiment: Snowboarding instead of skiing – two become one!

    For years I spent the winters with my skis on the slopes. In all weather conditions, snow conditions and at different times of the year. Classic skiers are known to be annoyed by all kinds of other piste users, but in my case especially by...
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  • Hotel etiquette

    On vacation and doing nothing for a few days, leaving everything behind, not tidying up and just feeling good. Correct! That's what vacation is for. But honestly, some people really take it to the extreme. I did an interview for you with a friend...
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    Couple in front of accommodation | © Ski amadé
  • Good preparation is half the battle

    No matter what everyone says, one is never really prepared for life with children and for the many changes that it entails. With all the great experiences and heartwarming moments, it is always difficult to make spontaneous decisions and every day...
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  • The Ski amadé Ski and Wine Enjoyment Week & the Highest Farmer's Market in the Alps

    From March 11th to 18th, 2023, the traditional Ski and Wine Enjoyment Week and the Highest Farmer's Market in the Alps took place in Ski amadé – this week, in addition to the offer in the selected hotels and ski huts, numerous events also took...
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    The highest farmer's market in the Alps in Ski amadé.
  • Good vision when skiing: tips for choosing the right ski goggles

    A blazing blue sky makes every skier's heart beat faster. Unfortunately, the sky is not always bright blue when skiing - it is also cloudy, foggy or even snowing densely from time to time. Do you often have problems with the view through your ski...
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  • Protect your skin because your skin protects you

    Our ski slopes are teeming with skiers, snowboarders and other winter sports enthusiasts. We hear a wide variety of languages, see a wide variety of group compositions and winter friends in all age groups. But they all have one thing in common –...
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    Fun and great conditions on perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé
  • Snowboarding Fashion in Ski amadé

    The next snowboarding season is starting and it’s time for a new outfit. You want to look good on the slopes, but have no idea what the current trends are? Then you have come to the right place. This guide shares my top picks for the current...
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  • The most beautiful places in Ski amadé

    The most beautiful places in Ski amadé - the Carina version. 😊 Beauty is known to be in the eye of the beholder. That's why I've selected my very personal favorites for today's blog post, distributed all over Ski amadé, and now I'm going to...
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  • Cheap and Easy Repair of Your Snowboard Base at Home

    Accidents happen. Maybe you scraped over stones, or the powder snow wasn’t deep enough to save your snowboard from needing surgery. Whatever the reason – your board needs some work. Many snowboard shops offer repair services, but they can often...
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