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Long skiing! Empty thighs?

Don't run out of gas with these 3 thigh hacks. What do your thighs need primarily on the mountain for long skiing? Endurance and good muscle metabolism. You can easily integrate both as training into your everyday life. This gives you a good thigh foundation for skiing. How can you incorporate these thigh hacks into your daily routine?
  • Set a time frame of 10-15 minutes in the evening. Choose a time that you can make available each evening.
  • Then start with a strength exercise and make it your evening routine. You should do them every night for about three weeks.
  • The advantage of strength training in the evening: no matter how short it is, it also improves your sleep quality. After tension comes relaxation.

The 3 thigh hacks are listed here:

Exercise 1: squat as a video

Exercise 2: Psoas stretching as a video

Exercise 3: Fascia roll for muscle metabolism as a guide

Exercise 1: the squat with a hip band or "resistance band". The resistance of the band increases the intensity of the muscle stimulus. You can also do this without a hip band.

Exercise 2: Stretching the psoas is extremely important for connecting the back and leg muscles. He gives you stability. Only ever stretch so far that there is no pain, only stretching sensations.


Exercise 3: With a fascia roller – you can get this in any good sports shop – you can now work deeper into the muscle and the fascia around it. This helps with adhesions and supports the muscle metabolism positively. It is, so to speak, food for your muscles and connective tissue.

For example, lie on your stomach, support yourself on your forearms in a push-up position and roll your thighs over the foam roller. You can also roll your buttocks and any muscle group you like over the foam roller. Please do not use on bones and joints!

Have fun skiing! The positive side effects for your thigh training will certainly increase your endurance!

Esther Ebner

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