Avalanche course
Avalanche course
Alexandra Schwarzenbacher

Avalanche course for women

My unusual Christmas present at Arthurhaus in Mühlbach  I really didn't expect that. When a friend came to me at Christmas with an envelope, the first thing I thought of was a voucher for brunch or a Day SPA. But it was an avalanche course with a mountain guide. She couldn't give me a better gift. This voucher also went to three other friends. We chose a nice, sunny day and arranged the course with Martin our mountain guide a few days after Christmas.  

An avalanche course for women - what is it?

Avalanche course

How can you recognize the danger of an avalanche? Where can I find out whether there is an avalanche risk in advance? What to do if there was an avalanche? Do I have the right equipment? All of this is the content of an avalanche course, and in the best case, you implement it right away in the snow and on the mountain. This is the only way to know what the right equipment is and how to properly use it in an emergency.

An avalanche course lasts at least a whole day. It consists of a theoretical and a practical part. In our course my friends, me and Martin the mountain guide met us at 8:45 a.m. at the lift parking lot in Mühlbach Arthurhaus and immediately tested our avalanche beepers. Then we checked each other to see if everyone had a backpack with a shovel, probe and ideally an airbag (don't worry, the packing list will be sent to you in advance and if you don't have the utensils at home, you can rent them). Then we went into easy terrain.

Avalanche course

First we talked about the sources of information that can be checked in advance. Then we evaluated the different avalanche warning levels and finally how to correctly assess avalanche warning levels, calculate slope incline, estimate resilience and thus follow with large or smaller distances as you enter the slope. It can be beautiful when enjoying the snow away from the secured slopes, but it is also associated with high risk. Therefore good preparation is essential.

Martin buried various things in the snow with his avalanche beeper and we had to search for them systematically.
Scooping out the hidden items was really fun, but also tricky. Only when you have to shovel by yourself you know how exhausting this can be! However, we always managed to dig out the hidden things.

Why only for women?

You might think, it doesn't matter whether you are a female only or a mixed group of people. We had the perfect day with a relaxed atmosphere and yet we took it seriously. I am also certain that the willingness to take risks, the group dynamics and the group members’ courage can be somewhat different for a mixed gender group.

My conclusion

Of course I have the hope that I never have to use the knowledge of the avalanche course. However, you never know and you should be prepared. I really liked the avalanche course! It was a whole day in the nature with nice weather, my friends and our mountain guide. A good gift idea for active friends!

Where & when?

You can take an avalanche course at any time. The cost is between € 100-150 per person.
This was our mountain guide.

Alexandra Schwarzenbacher

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