RIDE Ski amadé

  • 1460 metres of fun: XXL Funslope on the Hauser Kaibling

    The most fun attraction of the 4-mountain ski area is hidden in the centre of the Kaibling Alm on Hauser Kaibling: the XXL Funslope. Numerous obstacles guarantee fun and train endurance, coordination and reaction speed at the same time.
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  • The perfect ski tour for approx. 2 hours in Dorfgastein

    Ski tours are becoming more and more popular. The real enthusiast would prefer to enjoy them in open terrain and with fantastic powder snow. Unfortunately, these conditions are often not available or the route in open terrain is too dangerous. Ski...
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  • Royal views on the piste tour in the Hochkönig region

    If there isn't much snow or if you want to try out ski touring as a beginner, the piste touring routes are perfect for this. Top ascent tracks combined with the perfect pistes (which are unrivalled in Ski amadé) unite two great sports. I travelled...
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  • Fun and Easy Snowboarding Tricks for Beginners

    So you feel confident riding down slopes on a snowboard and want to take it to the next level? I’ve got just the thing for you: here are five of the easiest and most fun tricks for beginners!
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    Freestyle skiing and snowboarding in the snowparks of Ski amadé
  • Freestyle skiing and snowboarding in the snowparks of Ski amadé - Rookie Of The Year Matej Svancer

    Ski amadé fun factor

    As an enthusiastic skier, you like to step on the gas, preferably to have the whole slope to yourself and make fast, long turns. Especially in the high season, such wishes are more like dreams. You can find out here how to get the ultimate...
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  • Cash4Tricks

    Sometimes it's not enough to say: "Let's go skiing, the sun is shining." Sometimes it's not enough to say: "After skiing we'll have a nice, warm cocoa in the hut." Sometimes it just takes more to motivate children to ski. Sometimes it takes a little...
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  • Cheap and Easy Repair of Your Snowboard Base at Home

    Accidents happen. Maybe you scraped over stones, or the powder snow wasn’t deep enough to save your snowboard from needing surgery. Whatever the reason – your board needs some work. Many snowboard shops offer repair services, but they can often...
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  • Snow parks in Ski amadé and snow park rules

    When I was a kid, we were amazed at the daring tricks and cool looks of snowboarders. Cursed as snow groomers by the old and raised to heroes by the young, they polarized winter sports and didn't have to worry about numerous youngsters.
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  • Deep powder runs in the beautiful landscapes of Ski amadé

    The Hidden powder treasures of Ski amadé

    It’s your first time on the mountains of Ski amadé and you don’t know where to go to hit the best jumps and out-of-bounds slopes? You don’t have to hike up the mountain to get your backcountry turns, there are secret trails right next to the...
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