Family in the snow | © Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH
Family in the snow | © Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH
Anna Pilz

Rent a ski - A small contribution to sustainability

For the first time our small family decided to rent ski equipment for the older one of our children this winter season. He is still in the phase of his life where he grows quite a bit every year, so we'd have to buy new material each year. This is not only time-consuming and expensive; it is also not sustainable at all. The permanent production is not good for the environment and is easy to avoid if the equipment is used several times.

In addition to our guests, most of them have been renting equipment for many years, more and more locals are also deciding to rent equipment for a whole season, especially for the youngsters. Not only do you get perfectly prepared material, you no longer have to worry about storage in spring and you avoid overcrowded garages, basements or attics in addition.

Our project is particularly simplified by the great offer of a total of 32 INTERSPORT Rent shops in Ski amadé. Not only is it easy and cheap to get the latest models in the ski industry, but thanks to the INTERSPORT service network, you can also exchange and return the equipment at any location. This offers the opportunity to test several ski companies, models, lengths and types in one ski holiday – an exciting option that is otherwise only very rarely available.

In addition to the classic ski equipment, clothing from the quality brand Schöffel can now also be hired from INTERSPORT Rent. In this way, valuable space in the suitcase can be used for other things or the weight of the luggage can be greatly reduced. Again, this solution is also ideal for children, because they grow out of their clothes quickly.

Due to the geographic proximity, we decided on INTERSPORT Kerschbaumer in St. Johann Alpendorf. When we arrived in the modern shop, our little one was greeted very nicely and then measured properly. For the perfect driving pleasure for young and old, the equipment must be optimally adapted.

First, the feet were examined very closely. Our trusted INTERSPORT shop is equipped with the latest technology. In order to determine the length, width and shape of the foot, it was measured using a 3D scan and a foot profile was created. Based on the results, the perfect ski boot model could be selected and our older one had fun with it too – the very attentive and child-friendly team in the shop made sure of that.

Then the height was determined. This, in combination with ability, is particularly important for the selection of the ski length. For absolute beginners, the pros at INTERSPORT Rent recommend a ski length between chest and chin. As a result, the skis can be controlled better and turns are easier to make. Since we had already been on the slopes a few times last year – including a ski course – we chose skis that reached approx. up to the nose. For children who are already getting a taste of the life of a racer, the “boards that mean the world” can reach up to their eyes. As a rule of thumb, however, you can remember that shorter skis are easier to control! In order for the ski binding to release when it should, our big one still had to be weighed, because skiing ability and weight determine the release behavior. This setting should only be made by professionals, as it is ultimately about safety on the slopes.

And then we went on to the ski poles. Their length also depends on the body size. To our son's delight, the poles were the right length, in his favorite color and matched the skis. A tip from the specialists at INTERSPORT Rent: the child should grab the turned pole under the plate. It fits when the forearm is then parallel to the floor. Since the children always see us with ski poles on the slopes, they find them particularly exciting. For the beginning, however, it is advisable to rarely give these to the little ones, as they tend to be a hindrance in most situations. Gaining stability on the ski and concentrating on your legs often works better without poles.

Finally, I would like to point out the most important thing: Don't skimp on the right helmet. In order to be able to fully guarantee safety, it must fit optimally.

We have tested the equipment several times and are very satisfied. Next year we will again be getting the right equipment from INTERSPORT Rent and we are already looking forward to the latest models – cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the years before.

Anna Pilz

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