Beate Erlmoser

Skiing is healthy!

Skiing is sport. Sport is exercise and exercise is healthy. Basically, this statement alone is enough to confirm today's headline. Not to mention the fresh air!

Not convinced yet? Here are five additional facts why skiing is healthy:

Muscle building
All muscles, especially leg and torso muscles, are used when skiing. While in many other sports only certain parts are trained, skiing involves using the entire muscular system.
With short turns you mainly train the front thigh muscles and buttocks. In the squat, additionally the abdominal muscles and the back muscles are trained. Of course, these movements are even more effective and easier to perform if muscle building has already started before the season.

The endurance
Endurance training in general lowers blood pressure. When skiing, it is particularly easy to train endurance. However, the choice should fall on flatter slopes. The rule here is: less is more. Set a goal, ski to the announced goal with even turns and keep taking small breaks. In this way, fat burning is promoted, blood pressure is lowered and more performance can be demanded of the body. Plus there are many calories burned. The steepness of the slope, the speed or the challenge, for example in the mogul slope, naturally increase the calorie consumption enormously.

The circulation
Scientists confirm that the high mountain air promotes blood regeneration. That means that the environment alone is already healthy, so you don't have to contribute too much to it yourself. The supply of the body, especially the cells and the tissue, is greatly improved. Here, however, the guiding principle applies again: Don't overdo it, build muscle slowly and steadily.

The brain
The brain probably has the hardest work when it comes to skiing. It must pay attention to its own body as well as to the people on the slopes. It has to check out the right paths, react quickly and remain constantly in the observation phase. Skiing is, so to speak, brain jogging, which is also helpful in everyday life and improves motor skills.

The sun
The sun is probably our biggest vitamin D deliverer. Vitamin D fills up our happiness hormone canister. In order to avoid a bad mood and depression, it is extremely important, especially in the winter months, to increase the serotonin level with the help of the sun on the mountain. Sun and nice weather make you happy, so get up on the mountain and don't forget sunscreen!

Beate Erlmoser

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