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Snow parks in Ski amadé and snow park rules

When I was a kid, we were amazed at the daring tricks and cool looks of snowboarders. Cursed as snow groomers by the old and raised to heroes by the young, they polarized winter sports and didn't have to worry about numerous youngsters.

In the meantime things got a lot different, because not only men and women on a board inspire the masses with their acrobatics, but also the skiers are in no way inferior to them.

Freestyle is omnipresent... Not only are there many "shredders" in the surrounding snow parks, but also my kids proof this statement. The “normal” piste skis for hire were boring: "Twin tip or nothing at all... how else am I supposed to try fakie tricks?" I hear from my 7-year-old. His big brother has already influenced him.

But where do you go in the Ski amadé world to throw yourself over the kickers in the parks or to introduce the kids to freestyling?
A total of 10 snow parks can be visited. One of them is more spectacular and opulent than the other. You can see where to find them here.

But there is not only something for adrenaline junkies and daredevils!
Although the large parks are usually divided into a beginner's line and a pro line, there is still a need for a place where the kids can experiment undisturbed. Especially when there's a lot going on, the pros shouldn't be disturbed either. And many parents are perhaps a little scared with what he or she sees in a big snowpar in terms of air positions and turns at high speed and prefer going to a park that corresponds more to the level of the kids.

The snow park in Grossarl, the Family Park Zauchensee, the kids park in Altenmarkt or the beginner park in Radstadt are four great opportunities to start together. It is still important in these very clear beginner parks that the kids learn what to look out for in a snow park and what rules apply here:

-          Inspect all obstacles beforehand
-          Assure that the landing is free (preferably send a parent to spot or take turns with a friend - one spots; one jumps)
-          Leave the landing zone as quickly as possible
-          Increase slowly
-          Treating nature and other park visitors with respect

And if you want to get feedback on your tricks from real professionals and also want to earn a few bucks, the best thing to do is to take a look at the Cash 4 Tricks stops:
Cash4Tricks Tour 2023

With that in mind... Keep on, keepin' on!
But most of all… shred on!

Jounes Weidacher

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