Eva Pfisterer

Die Frühaufsteherin ist gerne die Erste auf dem Berg, egal ob im Sommer oder im Winter. Sie hat ständiges Fernweh, aber die Landschaft daheim lockt sie immer wieder zurück in den Pongau. Sie teilt gerne ihre Geschichten vom Leben, wo andere Urlaub machen.
  • The Hermann Maier tour in Snow Space Salzburg

    I was there last week when they officially re-opened the new Hermann Maier tour in Snow Space Salzburg. For this occasion we tried out a couple of stations of the tour, to get a little taste of the challenge. The tour takes us over 35km of slopes...
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  • 5 reasons why snowboarding is more awesome than skiing

    As a child, I like all other kids, learnt to ski in the kindergarten. I did not enjoy the ski course and in the race I came last. After this I started to admire snowboarders, who just looked way cooler than the boring skiers.
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  • 5 tips for skiers who are always cold

    Many of you are familiar with it: the sun is shining; there is not a cloud in the sky – I simply must go onto the slopes! If only the icy cold could stay away… In order for you to enjoy your day on the slopes in the cold temperatures, I have...
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