Ski and wine enjoyment for gourmets on the ski huts in Ski amadé
Ski and wine enjoyment for gourmets on the ski huts in Ski amadé
Marietta Weißofner

The 15 most popular ski hut drinks for your happy sunshine hours

Sun skiing is also TASTE Ski amadé time. Since we’re all not able to indulge our heart and soul with food and drinks on the terraces of the ski huts this winter, we thought about bringing our liquid favorites home to your sunny terraces and balconies. 

Quick and easy prepared they are just delicious and with the right music...

...from the Ski amadé Skihut Chill Playlist, it will give you the ultimate ski vacation feeling. Promise! ? Whether the tasty drinks are healthy is an open question but with a good amount of sugar or percentages, they are definitely beneficial for the spirit and a good mood. In the following list you will find the ingredients of the most popular drinks of our skiing and pleasure lovers. Of course, our hut keepers have tricks or secret ingredients with one or the other drink, but you get what we were able to coax from them. :D 

Non-alcoholic: Spezi, Almdudler and Skiwasser

You can easily burn all that sugar while skiing. At home, these drinks should therefore be consumed sparingly. Simply mix Cola and Fanta and the “Spezi” hit is ready. Incidentally, this is how a “good friend” is colloquially called in Austria. 

Almdudler comes ready in the bottle, a herbal lemonade that is unfortunately not available everywhere outside of Austria. 

The ski water is simply the best thirst quencher. The composition is simple: raspberry syrup, lemon juice and water, that's it. 

TASTE Ski amadé - the finest flavour from the Austrian mountains.

Lumumba & Jagertea

The Lumumba is a delicious hot chocolate or cocoa with a dash of rum. The drink is perfect with a topping of sweet whipped cream sprinkled with a little cocoa powder. 

The Jagertea is originally a black tea with 2cl rum. Ready and enjoy.

“Glühwein” “Glogg” – Mulled Wine

The hot drink is an all-time favorite to warm up, even after the Christmas season. If it is homemade, it tastes much better than the convenient. For that you need 

  • 4-10 cloves (depending on the desired intensity) 
  • 3 star anise 
  • 1 orange 
  • 70 g rock sugar brown 
  • 2 cinnamon sticks 
  • 1 bottle of red wine Cut the orange into wedges. 

Heat the red wine with the spices and the orange wedges (do not let it boil) and simmer on a low heat for about 30 minutes, then let it steep for another 10 minutes. Pour through a sieve and reheat if necessary before serving.

Aperol Spritz, Hugo and Lillet

With the Aperol Spritz, the Dolce Vita from Italy comes right up to the ski huts. Not everyone is a fan of it, as some don't like the bitter taste of Aperol. Simply mix Prosecco with Aperol in a ratio of three to two in a glass, add a slice of orange and ice cubes and the soft drink is ready. 

For the Hugo you need Prosecco, elderberry syrup, fresh mint and soda water. Simply mix and the popular drink among women is ready. The Lillet has only been on the rise here for two years and is particularly popular with women. The basic ingredient – the Lillet – is available in different flavors: white, rosé and red. Depending on which one you choose, the drink is refined with berries, raspberries, mint, cranberries, etc. The

Lillet Wild Berry is served for e.g. with 5cl Lillet Blanc, 10cl Schweppes Russian Wild Berry, raspberries, strawberries and ice cubes.

Apres ski hit – Flying Hirsch

Some people know the drink under the name “Jägerbombe” (hunters bomb). Fill a glass halfway with Red Bull or another Energy Drink and let a small bottle of Jägermeister sink into it and then cheers! Ok, maybe the name “Hunter bomb” actually hits it quite well :D 


Another name for a vodka bull. But it has to be red Wodka! The classic is prepared with an energy drink: 2cl red vodka, 6cl energy drink and ice cubes. 


Rüscherl is a bit oldschool and was almost completely banned from Bacardi Cola. Hot Widow & Snowflake aka Hot Granny (Heiße Oma). Hot, hot, hot and soooo delicious! Warm plum liqueur with whipped cream is called "hot widow", while “snowflake” or “hot grandma” is made with hot eggnog. Always top it with sweet whipped cream.


For this one the “Hot Granny” is pimped up with brandy. In some ski huts, a similar drink is touted as “Verhüterli” (rubber johnny) ? Your house bar has to be well equipped for this drink, because the Bombardino has it all: 40cl hot milk, 8cl brandy, 16cl egg liqueur, 100ml whipped cream and cocoa powder. Ingredients for four cups. 

Snowstorm | “Schneegestöber” 

After a glas of this one you too will feel slightly agitate, too. Fill a champagne glass (0.2 l) with cold champagne (dry) and pour in a dash of eggnog (2 cl or as you like), stir briefly and enjoy. It tastes really good.

Enjoy the drinks, just not all at once :D

Marietta Weißofner

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