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The Best ways to travel to Ski amadé

Have you already decided upon a ski resort, booked some nice accommodation and now the only thing that is unsure is how you are going to get there? In order to make things a bit easier for you, I have been checking out the best travel possibilities to the Ski amadé regions and have gathered quite a bit of information.

For those who like convenience

You can get a good overview on so-called mobility portals. There you can immediately see which transport links, at which price and at what time, you can get to your holiday destination.

I looked at the following three portals:, and My absolute favourite was the go euro one.

Very clearly set out, you can very easily use the filter and input exactly when you are leaving, how many times you want to change and how much money you want to spend on transfers. The disadvantage of this is that the service provider does not always find smaller towns, such as Großarl for example. Google Maps can help you with this and you can simply pick the next big town or city. If you have decided on your mode of transport, then you can also book it on this site. What I also found very practical was that there is also an additional app for your smart phone.

For those who do not want to search on one of these portals, has of course many other possibilities. You can get to many of the ski resorts by train.

For the environmentally aware

The train option is not only very environmentally friendly, but it is also very comfortable. You do not have to worry about traffic jams and excess luggage, leaving one or the other souvenir back at the resort. For those of you who book early enough can also get a real bargain. For example, there are saving vouchers for Europe from the ÖBB, whereby you can really save money. I would highly recommend reserving a seat, as during high season the trains can get quite full.

For ski resorts, which cannot be directly accessed by train, you can usually then get a bus from the closest train station. The connections are very well timed in the winter. Bus timetables can be found under or Sometimes there is also the possibility to be picked up by your hotel from the train station, so please make sure you ask there first.

Last Minute

If you belong to the group, who have booked a ski holiday at the last minute, but could not get hold of a reasonable ticket, then I would recommend carpooling. This of course also applies if you want to drive and want to save a bit of petrol money. On you can look at your leisure for either people to go with or people to travel with you. Do not only give in your final destination into the search, but widen your radius by a few kilometres. This increases the chances of carpooling possibilities and then the final short stretch can be done either by train or with the local bus. But always make sure you discuss how much luggage can be taken, otherwise it could be the case that you are not allowed to take all of your luggage with you.

For Jetsetters

The perfect outward journey is by plane if you don’t have any time to waste. You land right in the middle of Salzburg, not far from Ski amadé. In 40 minutes, either with a rental car, airport shuttle bus or transfer, you get to the very centre of Ski amadé. Throughout the main season, a second terminal is opened for the winter guests. From there, it is very quick and easy to get directly to the train station with the Obus route number 2 and then take a train or ask your hotel if they provide an airport shuttle service.

For smart spenders

For smart spenders, there is also the possibility to take the coach. The Flixbus always has great offers, but you just have to factor in a longer journey. Otherwise, you can always find reasonable bus/coach fares via your travel agent, which bring you directly into the ski resort.

Of course, you could always travel in your own car, just look up about parking and traffic jams before you leave.

So you see that there are many paths which lead to Ski amadé, on which you take, I will leave completely up to you :)

Kerstin Eisenberger

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