Deep powder runs in the beautiful landscapes of Ski amadé
Deep powder runs in the beautiful landscapes of Ski amadé
Lilly Ehrlich

The Hidden powder treasures of Ski amadé

It’s your first time on the mountains of Ski amadé and you don’t know where to go to hit the best jumps and out-of-bounds slopes? You don’t have to hike up the mountain to get your backcountry turns, there are secret trails right next to the slopes that barely anyone notices. I’m here to tell you about four of my hidden treasures in the different regions of Ski amadé, so get your gear and let’s go!

Get Your Adrenaline Rush on Planai

This spot usually functions as a Mountain Bike trail in summer, but you can ride it in winter too! Going down route 1, go to the road crossing right below the “Planai I” and then go off road. There, you can shoot down the trail through exhilarating turns or jump up into the powder snow on the side. This secret spot really has everything!

Fly Like a Bird on Sonntagskogel

This is perhaps the least secretive of the spots, maybe because it is the most rewarding one. Riding down from the top of “Sonntagskogel” you will see a patch of forest below the red route 50. There is a road going through the top, and with enough momentum you will be able to jump far and high right into deep powder snow. I perfected my favourite snowboarding trick on there!

Powder Adventures on Hauser Kaibling

This secret spot requires a lot of momentum, but it’s totally worth it. I discovered it while riding down the route 6a, which is the connection between “Gipfelbahn” and the “Alm 6er”. Just before the road opens into the slope, you can usually see one or two skiing trails going off road into a clearing in the forest. That’s where you want to go. Stick to the left and you will go through as much powder snow as you want, with little jumps here and there to keep you exited. This is one of my top spots!

Freestyle skiing and snowboarding in the snowparks of Ski amadé - Absolut Park Flachauwinkl

Practice High Jumps Safely on Planai

This spot might seem a bit intimidating at first, but there is no reason to fear it. To get there you need to go up the “Märchenwiesenbahn” and ride back down halfway. The road “Mörchenweg” will lead you to the jump. You can find it near the Fun Park. The spot I’m talking about is the steep little hill right in between the two swings buried in snow. This jump is great because it gives you a lot of time in the air without jumping high, so it’s not dangerous. I’ve even seen little kids do backflips on there! It's definitely worth checking out.

I hope you will have as much fun as I did discovering those little hidden treasures. 😊

Lilly Ehrlich

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