Lilly Ehrlich

The enemy on the slope from dawn to dusk: the hunger

Shortage of money, no open ski huts or you can’t break away from the deep powder? From time to time, you need to bring your own meal with you. After plenty of trials I created a gorgeous meal plan. Compact but high in calories, it even fits perfectly into a small backpack.

First energy boost

In order to cope the first half of the day, a proper balanced breakfast is simply essential. Especially carbohydrates are useful for this. Porridge is my favourite carbohydrate supplier. Easy to prepare the day before, tasty and individually combinable. I prefer to add some vanilla topped with nuts and fruits – but that’s just a matter of taste.


To stay hydrated is extremely important when you intend to do sports throughout the day. Don’t forget your water. Unfortunately, there is a little problem: The water is freezing in my backpack and causes uncomfortable brain freeze. My hack: fruit tea with sugar and a bit of lemon juice is an excellent alternative.

Energy boost

It may take a while until you find a suitable place to enjoy your meal. For that reason, I never miss to bring some dextrose candies with me to prevent me from starving as well as kicking some extra energy.

Main course

As soon as you burn some calories the hunger is coming back soon. For that reason, you will need something small that still contains loads of nutrients. Most of the time I prepare myself a super sandwich which is high in protein. That’s the way I grant a taste explosion and a sufficient amount of food for my starving stomach. So everyone makes it until the end.

The dessert

According to my opinion, the most important part of the day;). I personally recommend some fruits like mandarins and apples as they are very sweet and juicy. Never miss some chocolate.


What happens when you've already eaten everything? We continue with the snacks. A trail mix is enough, even just plain nuts. Fast, easy and delicious.

Enjoy your meal!

Lilly Ehrlich

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