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This helps when you have sore muscles!

5 tips, which will help soothe and revitalise your muscles after skiing. The first days on skis are always the hardest for me and my thighs.

Already after the first few runs, I can feel a slight thigh burn. The next morning, I can really feel the tiredness in my legs. And the day after, the sore muscles are really at their worst. You can do quite a lot, so that it actually never gets to this point:

Avoid sore muscles

Especially at the beginning of the season, ambitions are very high. But this is exactly what can become your undoing. The strain on the muscles should only be so intensive that it is not painful.

So, at the beginning of winter, it is sometimes better to slow down a gear or two and then to increase the intensity step by step. Even better would be to do some pre-season training (off the snow) before the start of the season. But who does that…..

This helps against sore muscles – 5 tips

  1. Even though it is not easy: Treat your body to a bit of time off. The optimum time would be 48 hours. The muscles would then have enough time to recover.
  2. Household remedies: My favourite treatment for sore muscles is “Franzbranntwein”- rubbing alcohol. Simply massage it into the affected areas several times a day. This promotes the blood circulation. Also St. John's wort oil or arnica support muscle regeneration.
  3. A hot bath relaxes the muscles and promotes the circulation. Special bathing salts or relaxation baths can also help support the effects of a hot bath. I have personally tried the “Muscle and Joints Bath” from Tetesept. This is really very relaxing.
  4. A visit to the sauna has also had a wonderous effect on me.
  5. Train away the sore muscles? I am a bit sceptical about this. I think, this all comes down to the intensity of the training. I would not place too much strain on the muscles, but I think swimming a few lengths or a gentle jog would not do any harm.

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