Enjoy the best skiing in the beautiful alpine landscapes of Ski amadé
Enjoy the best skiing in the beautiful alpine landscapes of Ski amadé
Werner Schrittwieser

This is an environmentally friendly and comfy way to go on a skiing holiday

Thanks to the cohesion of many smaller companies in Ski amadé, our homeland is constantly being promoted and developed. Guests can look forward to a unique variety of experiences with 760 perfectly groomed kilometers of slopes, excellent hosts and great cuisine.

In times of climate change, however, the issue of sustainability is also becoming more and more important. Social, ecological and economic activities are combined here under STAY Ski amadé. There are a number of possibilities and tips for lasting fun in the snow.

Enjoy the best skiing in the beautiful alpine landscapes of Ski amadé

Environmentally friendly in the most beautiful ski area

The most important influence on the CO2 balance of a vacation is the choice of the transport for the trip. Of course, helicopter tours in Alaska or freeriding in Japan, for example, are attractive. But the good and the beautiful are not only literally close by, Ski amadé is one of the most beautiful and diverse ski areas in the heart of Austria. You can save the flight to overseas.

The first and best way to be environmentally friendly is to travel by train. In addition to the positive ecological balance, the journey to the ski holiday is also stress-free and comfortable.

Very good accessibility 

The five regions of Ski amadé are very easy to reach by train, because with St. Johann, Bischofshofen, Schwarzach, Radstadt, Schladming, Bad Hofgastein and Bad Gastein there are seven local train stations. Once there, you can take the public transport or the local taxi company directly to the accommodation you have booked. Some hosts also already offer shuttle services to and from the nearest train station. Your host will be happy to inform you about the opportunities.

Combine rail and car travel 

With “Rail & Drive”, ÖBB offers a flexible combination of travel by train and car. You can cover the last few kilometers directly from the train station using car sharing. This offer is represented all across Austria. The environmentally friendly mobility offer combines rail and car travel in a convenient way. From the locations in Bischofshofen and Schladming you can get to the Ski amadé regions of your choice. 

Together instead of lonely

And if it has to be your own car, you should try to form car pools. Whether with family or friends, traveling together not only saves resources, but is certainly also a lot more fun. With the right music like “Skifoan” by Wolfgang Ambros in your luggage, you can get in the right mood for the upcoming skiing holiday.

And what are your experiences with environmentally friendly travel?

Werner Schrittwieser

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