Fun and great conditions on the perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé
Fun and great conditions on the perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé
Jounes Weidacher

Traveling with ski equipment, like a pro

A ski holiday is now so popular as never before. The Austrian Alps are like the epicenter of winter sports, and ski and snowboard enthusiasts from the whole world are once again travelling to Ski amadé this year. For those who have planned a ski holiday have to confront the issue of transporting equipment versus hiring it. Firstly, a little bit more on this!

We “locals“, do not really have to deal with this issue, compared with many guests who travel from far and wide, here to the stunning mountains in order to enjoy the magnificent snow. To live where others go on holiday, definitely applies to us Austrians in winter. However in the summer months, we are then the ones who have to transport our sports equipment for surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing….”How do I get my equipment cheaply and safely from A to B?”


Skiing in Ski amadé - Austria's greatest ski paradise

This depends entirely on the destination, or not? How can we tackle the route? Many winter tourists travel by train, by bus or by car.

Firstly, there is usually enough space for passengers to stow their skis or snowboard on the next available seat. Up to now, I have never heard of having to pay a surcharge for this and also the Austrian federal railway does not advertise an explicit surcharge for this.

Large coaches have a lot of storage in the bottom of the coach, or in the winter season, they even travel with a trailer to transport all the bulky luggage as we also usually do with our own cars too. The boot is usually too small in most vehicles, without having to significantly reduce the number of passenger seats and in this case it is usually wise to invest in extra storage room (for example in the form of a roof box) where you can transport your most beloved skis safely and securely.


Last Minute offers, with ever more favourable rates and the short journey time are of course good arguments to get to your winter destinations via the skies. However, baggage and flying can sometimes be a bit tricky.

The cost of taking ski equipment on a plane is defined by the respective airline company and can vary from airline to airline. Especially in the winter season, it is advisable to compare and to inform yourself in advance as many companies have temporary offers available and the equipment is either included in the free luggage limit or it can even be given in as extra luggage free of charge.

This is up to a certain size and weight of course. If this offer is not available or it surpasses various size and weight conditions and it is therefore in the excess baggage category, then it can get very expensive. The prices vary between 50 and 150 Euro’s per passenger and item of luggage; inside Europe.

Skiing in Ski amadé - Austria's greatest ski paradise


Enjoy the best service when skiing in Ski amadé

This then raises the question if it would not just be better to rent skis or a snowboard when you get there, for a very reasonable price (usually between 100 and 180 Euro’s per week). Helmets, protectors and ski boots or snowboard boots can usually be easily transported with the rest of your luggage and by good packing can fit into a rucksack and be put through as hand luggage.

The advantages are plain to see, for one you save the annoying check-in, paying on top and carrying it all around. The other thing is that you can then change your equipment on a daily basis depending upon the snow conditions. A shorter slalom ski to enjoy short turns, a quicker giant slalom ski for those early birds who want to do long sweeping carving turns before anyone else is up on the mountain or the popular powder skis for when it has been snowing overnight and you can see endless options from the lift of where you can go through the deep powder.

Of course, and we are all in the same boat here, your own stuff, is your own stuff and under optimal circumstances, as mentioned before, it can be problem free and inexpensive to transport. However, there is this other option available and for one reason or another might be easier, which if you have the courage, could entice you to change.

Here is a packing list for your ski holiday, which you can print out and tick off :)

Ski equipment

  • Ski jacket
  • Ski trousers
  • Helmet (Available to hire)
  • Ski socks
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Skis/snowboard (Available to hire)
  • Ski/snowboard boots (Available to hire)
  • Ski poles (Available to hire)
  • Backpack


  • Thermal underwear
  • Ski pullover
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Recreational clothing
  • Evening clothing
  • Swimwear (in Ski amadé there are also cool thermal spas)
  • Pyjamas
  • Shoes
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Slippers

Personal hygiene products

  • Sun cream (!!!)
  • Lip balm
  • First aid pack, scissors
  • Tooth paste and tooth brush 
  • Glasses, contact lenses and solution 
  • Hair products
  • Deodrant
  • Nail scissors
  • Ear plugs 
  • Hairdryer (usually as standard in every room)
  • Medication

Documents and other essential things 

  • Travel insurance including ski insurance 
  • Bank card/Credit card
  • Passport/ID card
  • Medical ID card
  • Driving licence
  • Insurance card
  • Car papers
  • Route description
  • Reserve car key

In the car

  • Antifreeze
  • Anti-condensation fleece
  • Roof box
  • Snow chains
  • Winter tyres
  • High-visibility clothing
  • Tools
  • Route description (in case the internet connection is bad) 
  • Food and drink, chewing gum 
  • Blankets, travel pillow 
  • Rubbish bag 

”No guts, no glory!“

Jounes Weidacher

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