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You meet these 9 types of skiers on our slopes

There are many good reasons why you want to spend as much time as possible on your beloved skis in Ski amadé. Clear, fresh air and the fantastic panorama of snow-covered peaks and forests are simply part of skiing. Not only is it fun, it also keeps you fit and makes you happy.

Even if we share the love of the most beautiful winter sport...

...there are so many different types of skiers. For very different reasons and priorities, they are busy on the 760 kilometers of pistes in Ski amadé. Today I'm making an entertaining summary of the types of skiers for you.



The kilometer collectors

For extremely sporty skiers, only one thing counts at the end of the day. They want to have as many kilometers of slopes as possible on their account. All lift rides and descents are of course precisely tracked, whether using Skiline or your own GPS-compatible sports watch.

Up and down is the motto of the day, they only take a very short time to take a break at the hut before heading back to the slopes as quickly as possible.



The gourmet skiers

In contrast to the kilometer collectors, enjoyment has the highest priority here. They don't test the various slopes in the area, but rather test themselves through the extremely great culinary offerings of the huts in Ski amadé.

The gourmets enjoy the delicious dishes in peace and also like to treat themselves to a good glass or bottle of wine.

The slope rowdies

There are ten FIS rules of conduct for winter sports enthusiasts that everyone should follow. Unfortunately, the slope rowdies don’t care about these rules. For them, only speed counts, regardless of losses, they cut other skiers and endanger them. In any case, you should beware of this species and avoid it as much as possible.

The snow plow specialists

Tempo is definitely not the friend of the next type. The so-called snow plow specialists always use the entire slope, from one edge of the slope to the other. In the plow, of course, but that goes without saying. Most of the time, the slope rowdies have absolutely no understanding for this type of skiers, so that these skiers tend to get into conflict.



The nature lovers

The impressive panorama of the surrounding mountains is always something very special.

Nature lovers are deliberately looking for the most beautiful and quietest places in the ski areas. They are always ready for the most beautiful photo motifs of our beautiful landscape.



The fair weather skiers

As the name suggests, this type of skier is only found when the sun is shining. When it comes to descents, great value is also placed on beautiful slopes.

The sunglasses are always with you, because from midday the great weather can be used comfortably on the sun terrace.



The powder lovers

While fair weather skiers rely on sunshine and perfectly groomed pistes, powder lovers prefer to be on the deep snow slopes with fresh powder snow.

There is no such thing like too much snow for them, because that's the only way they can make their own personal tracks on the untracked slopes.

The occasional skier

You can find them on the slopes at every opportunity, even if it's just for an hour or two. It doesn't matter whether it's just before work, during an extended lunch break or immediately after leaving the office. As soon as there is a little time left, they are drawn to the ski areas.

The après skiers

Since Corona, they have tended to be a rather unpopular and avoided species. We are of course talking about those skiers who can hardly wait to get to the next umbrella bar. With the best après-ski hits in their ears, this type likes to drink something over their thirst.

Which category of skier would you most likely belong to?

Werner Schrittwieser

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