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Salzburger Sportwelt

Type Status Name Persons Valley Mountain Opening times
8er Rosskopfbahn 8 1320m 1926m -
4er Schwarzwandbahn 4 1370m 2113m -
Tauernkarbahn 6 1370m 1893m -
ÜL See 1 1356m 1387m -
ÜL Kinderland 1 1343m 1384m -
Tauernkarlift 2 1711m 1897m -
Weltcupexpress 8 2103m 2173m -

Weltcupexpress is only operating at good weather conditions.

Kogelalmlift 2 1760m 1920m -
Seekarlift 2 1860m 1910m -
Gamskogelbahn II 6 1854m 2102m -
Unterbergbahn II 2 1573m 1860m -
Unterbergbahn I 4 1356m 1595m -
Highliner II 6 1609m 1896m -
Gamskogelbahn I – Zauchensee 6 1370m 1892m -

Gamskogelbahn in Zauchensee:

Summer operation from June 15 to September 1, 2024

Our 6-seater chairlift Gamskogel I is open daily from June 15th from 9:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00, except when it rains!

Information at

8er Highliner I 8 1016m 1614m -
Zauberteppich Kinderland 1 1352m 1362m -
Type Status # Name artificially snowed Length Height difference Gradient
10 Tauernkar Familienabfahrt 3000m 500m
10 Tauernkar 500m 110m
10 Tauernkar 1450m 500m
11 Tauernkarlift Slope 1100m 195m
13 Kogelalm 650m 160m
13 Kogelalm 500m 80m
permanente Zeitmess-Strecke
12 Kogelalm 550m 100m
14 Flachauwinkl 6er-Highliner II 1500m 320m
14 Flachauwinkl 6er-Highliner II 150m 90m
15 Skirun Highliner I 5300m 900m
15 Slope Highliner I 1800m 900m
1 Skiroute Flachauwinkl 1000m 300m
3 Skiroute Gamskogel East 1500m 430m
2 Skiroute Rosskopf 650m 180m
9 Gamskogel Ostabfahrt 4500m 720m
9 Gamskogel Ostabfahrt 4500m 720m
1 Höchalmrinne 4500m 570m
2 Rosskopf-Slope 2500m 300m
2 Rosskopf-Slope middle 800m 250m
3 Kuchlberg-Gap 500m 145m
3 Kuchlberg-Slope 600m 160m
4 Unterberg-Slope 600m 205m
4 Skiroute Panoramahang 1000m 200m
7 Gamskogel Standard 1250m 360m
6 Gamskogel II Standard 2200m 260m
5a Gamskogel Weltcup-Abfahrt (Kälberloch) 1250m 500m

Lower Part of the Worldcupslope (5a) is closed from 8th to 20th of January due to the FIS Europeancup-Races of the Ladies. Thank you for your comprehension!

5 Gamskogel Weltcup-Abfahrt upper part 800m 300m
Übungslift Zauchis Kinderland 250m 31m
Übungslift See 300m 55m
13a Race Track 500m 80m
    easy moderate difficult Ski route
    open closed in preparation