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Freeriding is more than just a sport, it is a feeling of endless freedom. More and more often skiers and snowboarders venture into the unprepared wilderness where there are few limits – except the terrain and their individual abilities.

Powder snow and glittering deep powder slopes, the Hochkönig ski region also has a lot to offer when it comes to freeriding. Especially Aberg is a freeriding hotspot and attracts many freeriders with its numerous ski routes. Perfect for sporty winter holidaymakers and adventurers!

Mühlbach | Dienten | Maria Alm

All ski routes at a glance

Ski route Place Description
Ski route Fellersbach Mühlbach

Below the top station of the 6-man chairlift, Fellersbach, turn left in the direction of slope no. 3. Afterwards you reach slope no. 3 again via a flat forest path

Ski route Dienten Dienten From the valley station of the Zachhofalm lift along the road and across fields to the valley station of the Bürglalm lift
Knappensteig Mühlbach Approximately halfway down the Rosswies lift's run no. 1, the ski route runs for 8 km to Bischofshofen
Ski route Perme Aberg – Maria Alm Piste Nr. 12 | Start: Top station Abergalmbahn | End: Piste Nr. 23
Ski route Grießbachhütte Aberg – Maria Alm Piste Nr. 17 | Start: Top station Abergalmbahn | End: Karllift
Ski route Schreinerloch Aberg – Maria Alm Piste Nr. 20 | Start: Top station Abergalmbahn | End: Piste Nr. 16
Ski route Fasching-Hochmais Hinterthal Connection from the Fasching lifts to the Hochmaisbahn lift
Ski route Sonnleiten-Hochmais Hinterthal Connection from the Sonnleiten lift to the Hochmaisbahn lift


Designated Avalanche Check POI's

LVS Test & Trainings Centre

Freeride INFO Point – Maria Alm
The Freeride INFO Point informs about the best known freeride routes, the current avalanche danger and has a built-in avalanche checker.

Ski Touring Trail Hochkeil – Mühlbach
Educational trail from the Hochkeil lift to the summit of the Hochkeil, with educational boards regarding the issues of avalanches, weather, ski technique etc.

Ski Touring Trail Grünegg – Dienten
The nature trail combines theory and practice in a methodically styled concept. The winter sports enthusiast can learn new and interesting things "on the side" on tour. The use of the nature trail is free of charge, and both useful and interesting for beginners and experts, individuals and groups, and for winter sports enthusiasts of all ages. Seven information boards provide information on planning, risk assessment and emergency management. The starting point is the car park of the Grüneggalm toboggan run in Dienten.

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Pure freedom in the Hochkönig ski region

Workshops & Courses

Risk'n'Fun Hochkönig | Level 1

Level 1: 4 days off-piste with the risk'n'fun team and other freeriders. Short hikes close to the slopes, numerous decision-making situations and off-piste runs. Welcome to the risk'n'fun training session!

At level 1, the training session, a freeride strategy is developed together with the risk'n'fun team around the content points "perceive - judge - decide". Our guides (state-certified mountain, ski and snowboard guides) are responsible for the hard skills part. This includes the correct use of emergency equipment, the interpretation and application of the avalanche report and everything that has to be considered during the descent.

The risk'n'fun trainers are responsible for teaching soft skills. What is the personal approach to "risk"? What changes when you are travelling with a group? What influences how decisions are made? The aim is that after the session you can make your own decisions, argue your own case, find your own lines and downhill variations that suit the conditions.

More information about Level 1

Risk'n'Fun Hochkönig | Level 2

Level 2: We climb higher and move further and further away from the lifts. Split boards, touring skis or other ascent aids are a "must have" from level 2 on.

The content of the next level is linked to the respective freeride strategy of the training session. The topics of mapping, orientation and avalanche awareness are added, and the planning and implementation of first tours is started.

The risk'n'fun team provides insights into the preparation and subsequent implementation of a tour day and then gradually transfers responsibility to the freeriders. Further soft skills exercises provide a deeper insight into personal risk behaviour.

Level 2 is also about independent planning and action in order to be well-prepared to start your own undertakings according to the motto "perceive-assess-decide".

More information about Level 2